November 06, 2005

[Misc.] CC Party

There was a launch party of Creative Commons Brazil, with GREAT music, in spring of 2004. Now, winter of 2005, there is a CC Party in Taiwan. This is not of launch party of Creative Commons Taiwan, but a party which celebrate that Taiwan government and many artists now joined this commons.

This party goes on 2005/11/11, 12, and 13. Some cool bands and singers will perform their work licensed by Creative Commons Licenses, and some mainstream BSP(Blog Services Provider)s will announce their CC licensing support. Many bloggers may come and blog. The whole party is totally free, so please feel cool to join us.

Be sure to check out CC Party info page and do not forget our CC party Blog. We'll blog on-the-fly during this party.

October 30, 2005

[Misc.] Return of Jedi

Days ago, I finished my military service. I'm back now. (But my hair will take more time to get back.)

Here is an animation shows how I look like now.

August 25, 2005

[Misc.] Hybrid: From Taiwan to Blogosphere

Remember the cute girl named Heewon Kim? I met her last time on Taiwan Blog BoF. Today, on 7th APNG camp, we meet again.

Our session in APNG is to talk about blog in Taiwan and Korea. I prepared my slides last night. (Kim said that she did, too!) Lacking of rehearsal, I think that my presentation is just O.K. I use the idea of "Hybrid" to go through whole speech. I introduced the hybrid nature of Taiwanese culture and Internet activities. Also, I demonstraed Taiwan's remix -- "Kuso" -- creativities. I believed that it's that kind of hybrid (remix) affect how blog and BSP changing in Taiwan.

Then I briefly introduced how lawyers (in fact, law) may interfere these creativities. I said that both Code (in Cyberspace) and Law (in Realworld) must be improved to make life easier and make blog richer, and this is what Creative Commons Taiwan working on.

If you are interested in my presentation, you can check my slides.

April 01, 2005

[Misc.] April Fool

In April Fools' Day, 2003, I joked my reader. I pretended that my blog was cracked that night. It's quite successful -- many readers supposed that there was a critical security vulnerability in Movable Type, even half year later.

It did affect the reputation of MT and my blog. Suddenly, I lost. I know that my readers will no longer read my blog as easy and comfortable as before.

This thing was mentioned all the time in my presentation about blog. I explained how important role does trust play in blog. Further more, I made two decisions: first I added a category [What the F**K?], archived all things shouldn't be taken serious; and I stop play April Fool in next several years.

No, I don't drop my humor. But I now understood that real humor won't hurt people's trust to you.

March 31, 2005

[Writing] Trust

Undoubted, the most important spirit of Blog is "trust."

I believe that "trust" is the core value of Blog. Bloggers presented themselves via their Blog. Only if readers do trust those context in Blogs, Bloggers does exist. As to archives, links, comments, TrackBacks, Feeds, they are just tools to achieve trust.

Some great people such as Mark Pligrim abandoned Movable Type and switched to WordPress. That's because Six Apart change their lincese on using Movable Type. In deed Six Apart improved their technology and joined standard aggressive, and made Movable Type better then ever. But their change challenge user's trust. So began WordPress rising up and willing to replace Movable Type.

However, there are scandals about WordPress recently. People indicate that Matt Mullenweg the author of WordPress abusing trust of him/WordPress from others and earning secret. And this may make WordPress fail.

In spite of how technology, spec, reputation, ability, or standing is, anyone may fail without trust. And this is what Blog is. You are with responsibility for yourself and gathering trust with others.

[Misc.] After Taiwan Blog BoF 2005

Heewon Kim, me, and Joi ItoThere was a Taiwan Blog BoF in 2005/03/29. I wrote this not only because its importance but also that here wasn't been updated for quite a long time.

Just before this BoF, in 3/26 and 3/27, there was an YAPC::Taipei::2005. 宮川 達彥(Tatsuhiko Miyakawa) from Six Apart Japan introduced how to hack web -- This is really cool, you can even control someone's iTunes via Web interface! Also, Leon "acme" Brocard introduced exploiting other enterprises' web services to improve your own blog or so. It's quite exciting for blog hacks, really.

As BoF in 03/29, I stream audio out by Skype to mjhsieh living in US, then we together broadcast this to US, UK, et al. Here is a brief of that day:

In the begining, Joi Ito described Internet from a very interesting view of point -- "Connection." In fact, most of his presentation is about Creative Commons. I think that because he is one of Creative Commons members. In his presentation, I again find that the most important spirit of Blog may be connecting creative around the world, and this is extactly what Internet trying to do. In order to do this, Creative Commons will be a key point. (You can read more in his slides.)

After Ito, Heewon Kim the goddess of Korean Blog started talking about Korean Blog Culture. She is a very hard-working girl and I picked many intresting point from her presentation. For example, how Korean developed their own Blog system(and naming it! Haha!) and how they grow their blogsphere up (syndication, MetaBlog, Award, etc). Again, you can read more in her slides.)

Xuite and ChiaoAfter these two great people is Xuite's show time. (Xuite should be pronounced as /sweet/.) She is a sweet girl as her name. In her presentation, I saw HiNet (the company behind Xuite) not only spent many mony (take a look at server room. Hay, there is more then 96T storage and more and more!) but also learn much from their competitor -- they give up group Blog by traditional taxology but by abstract feeling or space! No one should underestimate them. I mean that.

And then wretch talked about what he think about Blog. But if his company can be competitor of Xuite? Let's wait and see.

In the end of this BoF, there were short speech which should be free panel in original schedule. Great Joi Ito recorded my part with his mobile phone and uploaded it just-in-time. You can use QuickTime opening this jedi.3gp. I'm first introducing Liang-Bin Hsueh (a.k.a. hlb) who really do many things about Blog in Taiwan. He is currently serve in the army so can't be with us this time. Then I talk about my feeling about Blog in Taiwan these years. I say people now blog/express easily and comfortable so I feel what I did is quite worth.

At the end, I say it's time that major power start involving in. So our ISPs join blog business, and we have such a BoF inviting great people from different countries. We now have grass-root media and will go into international. I thank all bloggers there. "It's you make our blog-life such beautiful," I said.

So, now, it's just after the Bof. Chiao asked, "what to do next?" In my humble opinion, there are lots of things we don't have time to talk during the BoF, it's time that we should start to talk; there are many important or interesting people, it's time to report them; there are many bloggers and media reporters, it's time to syndicate them all. If we do so, in the end of 2005, we may publish (physical or on-line) an annual review to let more people know, these important things do happen.

November 02, 2004

[MovableType] S5 Publisher powered by MovableType

Several days ago I build a new MovableType 2.661 site, "Jedi's S5", which functions making S5 slides show. I see a MT template example from Six Apart. However, my template-set seems to be much rich. Features:

  • Works well with MovableType 2.661 and above
  • Each category for one presentation
  • The very same slide-page can be shown on many presentations at the same time (I call this "Modularized Slides")
    • Modifying one slide effects all presentions related to it
    • Keep order from any two slides for presentions. (Although you may call this "bug" rather then "feature")
  • Assign different themes (styles) for different presentations
  • List all presentations in Main Index
  • Add Creative Commons License information/metadata

Here is my full notes about it.

Read more about "S5 Publisher powered by MovableType"

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