March 31, 2005

[Writing] Trust

Undoubted, the most important spirit of Blog is "trust."

I believe that "trust" is the core value of Blog. Bloggers presented themselves via their Blog. Only if readers do trust those context in Blogs, Bloggers does exist. As to archives, links, comments, TrackBacks, Feeds, they are just tools to achieve trust.

Some great people such as Mark Pligrim abandoned Movable Type and switched to WordPress. That's because Six Apart change their lincese on using Movable Type. In deed Six Apart improved their technology and joined standard aggressive, and made Movable Type better then ever. But their change challenge user's trust. So began WordPress rising up and willing to replace Movable Type.

However, there are scandals about WordPress recently. People indicate that Matt Mullenweg the author of WordPress abusing trust of him/WordPress from others and earning secret. And this may make WordPress fail.

In spite of how technology, spec, reputation, ability, or standing is, anyone may fail without trust. And this is what Blog is. You are with responsibility for yourself and gathering trust with others.

November 26, 2003

[Writing] Superannuated files

There is a partial recording (about 100MB with poor quality) for my speech at 2003/10/23. Please refer to this slide; there is also another slide for my later speech in 2003/11/13. Both of them are superannuated.

November 23, 2003

[Writing] Publish proposal

There is a journal named "Bloggers" started in Japan. I have a simulate proposal about that. My current idea is to report "IMTT" we hosted each month. We can publish photos and logs in the meet-up, add some interview after actual meet-up, replenish extra informations about that, and report relative events. Maybe this can't form a whole journal, but it can be agony column of some magazines.

I have to consider other detail such as conflict of interest, will of participators, etc. But this will be very interesting thing.

Sure, I have to find one publisher willing to do this. (Any one volunteer?)

November 06, 2003

[Writing] True Heart and Peace

True Heart and PeaceSeveral days before, I put two Chinese characters presenting "Jedi" into my background. At the same time, I added a sigil writing "True Heart and Peace" to present The Jedi Code:

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force.

September 06, 2003

[Writing] Tribes (Communities) and Blogs

Tumi and Wendy asked me to write an article discueed what's the benefit blog ("部落格" in Chinese, which was pronounced just like "Blog") can bring to tribes ("部落" in Chinese, can be treated as a kind of communities) last month. They had published this article on OSSF newpaper yesterday.

You can read this article (in Chinese) here (at OSSF) or here (at my Blog). There won't be English translation recently. (I'm sorry for my poor English ability) BLOG (zh) | Weblog (Eng.) | Organism | Kwiki | S5 | TKSlide | MTBook (zh) | DIA (zh) | Résumé (Eng.) | Statistics