February 15, 2003


剛剛用破爛英文寫了一封信給 MT 的作者們,現在就等待回應啦...


Hi, I'm Jedi, a MT user from Taiwan.

I've just helped Kevin Fyure to finish MT's zh-tw l10n recently. 
Also, I've convert that language pack into zh-cn via Autrijus Tang's Encode::HanConvert Perl module. Besides this task, I've also translated official MT user manual into zh-tw(*ALL* pages exclude changelog)
as well as wrote a MT Tour for new user(in zh-tw, of course). While I'm working on this, I find some question about your docs release: 1. [from v2.51] in mtmanual_tags.html, it seems there is an unnecessary MTPingsSentURL in `TrackBack Tags' section. 2. [from v2.51] in mtmanual_tags.html, should the `HTML' in encode_js description be changed to 'Javascript'? 3. [from v2.60] I noted that all `blog' have been changed to `weblog'; but you are still using `blog' in mt26.html 4. [from v2.60] You've updated MT's copyright information in mtmanual_copyright.html,
but the copyright information in *ALL* page's footnote are still the old one. 5. [from v2.60] in mtmanual_entries.html, the last paragraph of `Extended Entry' section seems needed to update. 6. [from v2.60] I'm confused about the `dirify' description from mtmanual_tags.html.
Why "crudit will be converted to crudite"? Just before MT 2.51 released, I hacked files in tmpl/cms/ directory to make docs localized with interface l10n: I search all `docs/foo.html' and replace them with `docs/<TMPL_VAR NAME=LANGUAGE_TAG>/foo.html This may be a good idea for MT's further release. BTW, may I ask what FTP client did you use to make screenshot for mtinstall.html?
I want to make a localized screenshot in the same client. Another question. I want to publish localized(zh-tw) MT manual(in real book). Is it possible/allowed? I've declaimed all my translation and writing is under CC's by-sa license, even when they became real book. Here you are: MT 2.51 User Manual: in zh-tw (UTF-8): http://p4.elixus.org/depot/MT/mt/docs/zh-tw/mtmanual.html in zh-cn (UTF-8): http://p4.elixus.org/depot/MT/mt/docs/zh-cn/mtmanual.html MT 2.60 User Manual: in zh-tw (UTF-8): http://p4.elixus.org/depot/MT/mt/docs-2.6/zh-tw/mtmanual.html in zh-cn (UTF-8): http://p4.elixus.org/depot/MT/mt/docs-2.6/zh-cn/mtmanual.html MT Tour (for new user): in zh-tw (UTF-8): http://p4.elixus.org/depot/MT/mt/docs-2.6/zh-tw/mttour.html in zh-cn (UTF-8): http://p4.elixus.org/depot/MT/mt/docs-2.6/zh-cn/mttour.html

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    Jedi !!
    真是辛苦你了。 :p

    Oresteia 發表於 February 15, 2003 02:20 PM
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    Good job!!
    Carry on!!!


    由 yoyolai 發表於 February 15, 2003 04:00 PM
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    Jedi 發表於 February 15, 2003 04:46 PM
    [ 4 : 靜態鏈結 ]

    (full with lib直接蓋掉2.5(中文化)的檔案)

    t23 發表於 February 15, 2003 11:34 PM


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