October 12, 2004

[Fondness] Greeting Here

Jedi's Orkut status
Greeting, anyone who still looks at this place. There is no article here for a quite long time. I get married during these days. I moved and changed job too. (I've also bought a new laptop; even this webserver moved to a new host and got a real Jedi.org domain name.)

With my wife, there is brand new life waiting for me. I'm also updating templates for this site. So if you like, you can comment this entry to let me know "hey, I'm still with you!"

October 23, 2003

[Fondness] For two years

It's this very day that I leave of absence. There are two more hours before I taking train. I go through people, shivering like never did.

Two years pass by and I'm still alive. I never forget but keep in mind that kind of heartsore. Those past make me now. I can't just accustom myself like others which will make me sad.

I remind myself how smart this laceration is all the time.

Those burning hatred were gone with love then. She no longer appeared in my dreams and my life. My dear, if you can believe the value of life, I liefly die for her but live for you.

The future is out of my control. But at least I can remember that at this time, my heart beats so strong.

[Fondness] A scene

She recalls that night when I saw you.
There is light on my face, shine in my eyes.

And that's because of you, my sun and moon.
You're so attractive and charming, my darling.

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