August 25, 2005

[Misc.] Hybrid: From Taiwan to Blogosphere

Remember the cute girl named Heewon Kim? I met her last time on Taiwan Blog BoF. Today, on 7th APNG camp, we meet again.

Our session in APNG is to talk about blog in Taiwan and Korea. I prepared my slides last night. (Kim said that she did, too!) Lacking of rehearsal, I think that my presentation is just O.K. I use the idea of "Hybrid" to go through whole speech. I introduced the hybrid nature of Taiwanese culture and Internet activities. Also, I demonstraed Taiwan's remix -- "Kuso" -- creativities. I believed that it's that kind of hybrid (remix) affect how blog and BSP changing in Taiwan.

Then I briefly introduced how lawyers (in fact, law) may interfere these creativities. I said that both Code (in Cyberspace) and Law (in Realworld) must be improved to make life easier and make blog richer, and this is what Creative Commons Taiwan working on.

If you are interested in my presentation, you can check my slides.

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