October 14, 2003

[Hack] Drop Array IME

As mentioned before, I switched into Array IME for Dvorak. But I changed my mind again and back to Going IME now. Array IME is not bad but not good enough for my purporse.

What do I need? I need a Chinese IME which doesn't relay on English keyboard layout or can work fine with Dvorak. I need it works like Dvorak when typing in Chinese-English combinations and symbols, or when displaying visual feedback.

Array IME is good and easy to learn. Just two days I can type seven words per minute (twenty minutes a word in the beginning). But its symbol-input was designed by QWERTY. It also displaies QWERTY as visual feedback.

Besides, I am used to think with pronunciation rather then penmanship of words. I have to stop and then recall penmanship all the time when using Array IME.

Now I have to tweak Going into Dvorak.

First I restore all changes in "Dvorak and Array Chinese Input Method." Then I remap my keyboard with kbdmapper ( Jedi_W2_Dvorak.reg ). So all IMEs are followed Dvorak now.

Finally I hope these could be done in next release of Going IME: re-locate some keys ( ㄓ, ㄔ, ㄕ, ㄘ, ㄜ, ㄛ, ˙, ˊ, ˇ, ˋ ; their location is original designed for QWERTY ) and modify "ASDF GHJK ZXCV" to "AOEU HTNS HTNS" in word-selection mode.

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