October 05, 2003

[Hack] Dvorak and Array Chinese Input Method

With quite long a concerning, I've switch keyboard layout from QWETRY to Dvorak. The QWERTY is named by first row layout of keyboard many people may use; while Dvorak is a simplified keyboard layout developed by August Dvorak and William Dealey during 1920s to 1930s.

Dvorak is better then QWERTY. It is designed by English spelling structure. You will get higher accurity, much balanced keystrike of both hands, shorter movement distance of fingers (about 1/20 of QWERTY). So your fingers will be much comfortable and healthy if you are using Dvorak.

There are also one-hand Dvorak layouts desiged for people who can only use one hand. This is good to people like me because I'll hold my leaptop with one hand and type with the other.

Sure it's not too easy.

I think you can start from Introducing the Dvorak Keyboard; the Dvorak Pros and Cons page lists many pros and only con of Dvorak.

In the begining, you can get a copy of dvorkeys.pdf, print it out put it with your computer. Next if you are using WIndows XP, please go to Control Panel/Regional Options/Input Locales/Installed input locales, click Add button. Within Keyboard layout/IME, please select United States-Dvorak. I also changeed my default input language into Chinese (Taiwan) - United States-Dvorak.

Then I've hacked Windows' regisity. I set value 00010409 to key HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Keyboard Layout\Preload\1.

Then I downloaded Learn to type tutor 2.5 from Typing Tutor Software to practice. This software can be tried free within a month. Just enough.

The next problem is Chinese input. Hsu's keyboard layout in Going Input Method Environment which I'm using is bacially based on QWERTY. So I desided to switch into another Chinese input method, too.

I've choosed Array Input Method which is strongly suggested by piaip. This non-Pinyin Chinese input method is almost on every Chinese operating system environment, so you don't have to pay additional money for it.

Changing isn't easy, but may bring me better life.

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Interesting page. I've used the Dvorak keyboard for about 15 years now, and I have the same trouble using phonetic input methods for Chinese.

The problem is that I'm a foreigner, so phonetic inputs are much easier than character-based input methods (I was a bad student. :)

I still hope to find a phonetic keyboard with a dvorak layout some day.

By the way, for those typing traditional characters, the 注音符号 input method is unrelated to Romanized phonetics.

Posted by jman at November 27, 2008 04:48 PM
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