September 03, 2003

[Misc.] Traffic accident

There is a traffic accident this morning (about 06:10 UTC+0800) when I was driving to office through HsingHseng overpass.

I think two possible reasons causing this accident were: high speed (about 50 to 60Km per hour) and wheel-thread(?). And the place is quite dangerous; it's a narrow driveway with a zipzag uprising.

Though I drove to office through this place everyday in the past two months, that's the first time my car sliding away and losing control. The car crashed and ran into the crash barrier, whirled at least 180 degree and finally stopped.

I am fine with protection from air-bags and seat belt, so is my daughter (Woodstock, she is my notebook). There is no pileup due to too early. Thank God.

In the mean time, someone droven through and called-in radio station. In 10 minutes, a truck crane towed my car back to the garage and gave me the quote for fixing my car.

Even with vice brand or vamp parts, it will cost my NT$ 80,000 (about US$ 2,345) for accessories and another NT$ 50,000 (about US$ 1,465) for laborage. My car won't be back until 9/11.

There is less than NT$ 30,000 (about US$ 879) for total in my bank accounts, how can I pay for NT$ 100,000 (about US$ 3,811) for this? Gosh, I really have no idea.....

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