August 31, 2003

[MovableType] Using Movable Type integrate two weblogs and Kwiki system

I have two weblogs now, for content in will be written in Chinese while in English. Both weblogs are managed via Movable Type. Under the same domain, I installed a Kwiki system as my own Wiki: These three have user interfaces look and feel alike. This design can make user/reader feel more comfortable when playing cross them. (Screensnap:,, and

What have I done?

First, I've modified Kwiki's templates to make them have the same element structure as Movable Type's default templates. Then I can just apply one CSS template on three and get familiar look.

Here is another tip. It's hard for me to ssh to my server and modify Kwiki's configuration file / template files. I'm using Movable Type to manage my Kwiki's files. How can this happen? There is a function called "Link this template to a file" in Movable Type's template system which can sync content in database with in specific file. Once I modified some "template modules" with Movable Type's interface, it will update the files associated with them. Here is another screensnap to help you get this idea: Kwiki's tempaltes were listed in Movable Type's Template Modules listing, and how to make them associated with files used by Kwiki.

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