November 29, 2003

[Cinema] Madame Sata

Directed by: Karim Ainouz
Record: Best Film in Chicago International Film Festival 2002
2003 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival: Madame Sata (Chinese site)
IMDb: IMDb: Madame Satã
My rating: 3.8/10

Well, this film makes me disappointed. Ming-liang Tsai is using silence to talk, Krzysztof Zanussi tells without word; but this film really missed almost all those important. What happened in the jail? How does he be illumined from "Madame Satã?" What's his own thinking? What's his love, hate, sorrow, mourning, exist and persuit?

All those detail are skipped. When you're waiting something high, the film ended suddenly. Describe things happened during those years only with few words and scenes. You don't see anything growing, and I can't get even a little echo.

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