November 22, 2003

[Misc.] Leaving

It's so sad that no one respect you anymore. I'm in one coffee shop I used to go this afternoon, trying to enjoy my weekend afternoon now. But I'm just forced to leave my comfortable seat just because there are always too many customers Sat. afternoon. What a strange thing! This coffee shop is an expensive one. The only reason why I still coming is just because it let me feel cozy once. Just like its own name.

All people in this coffee shop are my friends. I respect them indeed. I don't ask special treatment but fair respect. Now I have to budge due to been friends. There is no reason for me to do this. Maybe the business of this coffee shop grown too much. Maybe they don't need me anymore. It's fine. Just time to leave.

My dear dear friends, please do not date with me in this coffee shop anymore. It's very sad to me to make this decision. But I have to. There are still too much interesting coffee shop around, aren't they?

Posted by Jedi at November 22, 2003 03:32 PM | 中文版 (Chinese Version) | TrackBack (0)
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