November 12, 2003

[MovableType] Movable Type 2.64.2

I have applied mhsin's patch and made a new Movable Type Windows installer. This build enabled Chinese date format in Movable Type. It's not perfect, though, but still works. So use it on your own risk! I have also put two Perl modules back, and corrcet some typo in my document-translation. There are some template mistakes made by Six Apart which may cause default template mis-translate are also been fixed. All these updates are available on

I have updated files followed below: mt-2.64.2.exe,,, MTBookCD_20031112.iso,, mt.diff, and For who is using Windows, I suggest you backuping data, uninstalling old version of Movable Type, and then installing this new build of mt-2.64.2.exe. All data should be leave still. For who is using UN*X, please download thost you need.

Posted by Jedi at November 12, 2003 11:23 PM | 中文版 (Chinese Version) | TrackBack (0)
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