October 22, 2003

[Cinema] Dogville

Directed by: Lars von Trier
Record: Festival de Cannes 2003
2003 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival: Dogville (Chinese site)
IMDb: Dogville
My rating: 7.5/10

I still can't figure out what von Trier is telling.

Three films of his "Conscience Trilogy" basically tell the same thing, the tiny pertinacity which can make you cry. But what's in this first film of "American Trilogy?" He sweared making American films outside Amercia. But is that all? What does Amercian mean to Lars von Trier?

The expression of this film is quite well. I believe he can save lots of money but get better effect then taking any real scene. The moonlight, the fire, the mountain aurora, the flying dandelion, and the snow on the ground, everything is so delicate. I can't even image how to express if this film is taking the real scene.

By the way, the frame each chapter begined is so lovely. With voice-over, I can feel that the place outside civilization is just in front of my eyes.

We are just talking about the cover.

This is a story about "looking through one's heart." You can look through the stage without mis-en-scene. But you will find then that you can never see what one's heart really is even without walls outside. All what you think you know in fact is arrogancy which is so hard to be seen.

There is no more different between mercy, morality, love, lust, and philosophy. Arrogancy, the true topic of this film, suddenly appears and surprises you.

From Elm Street without elm to Dogville without Elm Street, the last dog in Dogville become the only witness in quiet.

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