Hybrid: From Taiwan to Blogosphere

Ke-Huan "Jedi" Lin

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Hybrid Nation, Hybrid Culture

Taiwanese Culture is Hybrid Culture. We watch and read materials from many other countries. TV programs, Movies, Animations, Comics, Novels, Magazines from these countries also make our people adapted their culture and fashion.

くそ: Sampling, Remix, and Collage

Mainly Internet creativities in Taiwan are in sampling, remix, and collage form. Young artists pick up elements from other art, put them together, and make variations. They rearrange different media present and create new meaning on old stuff.

Internet Is Cybernetic Organism

Blog become Node in Internet


Blogging in Taiwan

Published on Blog

Taiwanese blogger not only blog their life or work, but also blog their remix creativities. Blog became a field where remix is processed, where all Internet activities are happened.

Blog Service Provider in Taiwan

As to this variety, BSP in Taiwan also go vari. Some BSP provided Podcasting support while others focused on MultiMedia content.

But be careful!

Solving Problems

What is CC Taiwan doing

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