No IE Information Bar Demo

Information bar is one of the few "security features" introduced in IE6 SP2. It is shown when Internet Explorer blocked something like popup windows and installation of ActiveX controls.

While the original intention is to make IE "safer", we all know that IE is an old swiss cheese - full of security holes. So, why not make use of it and remind your visiters that there exist some better browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Konqueror?

You will see a fake information bar here if and only if you are viewing this page using IE. This bar will not show up in other browsers. No browser detection script is used, so it is 100% sure only IE will see this. What's more is that if the IE is JScript-enabled, it will show a localized version of the infobar.

This software is freely available, licensed under Creative Commons license.

Some screenshots, in case if you are not using Windows/IE: