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Well, not talking about the abusing of WordPress, but relating to WordPress.

The massive dumping of Movable Type and adapting of WordPress among the computer geek groups are mainly due to high percentage of those geeks' greediness.

Why? Most of the so-called geeks are university or college students. They believe open source is the best, and they also insist that everything should be free of charge. However a huge number of them refuse to even have some normal advertisements displayed in their browser window. They would do everything to remove every single ads. That's very unethical in my opinion.

So what's wrong with Six Apart changing the license scheme? The previous free were gone. The free version is still available, however for those geeks, not enough. Again, they want everything, but refuse to pay a cent. It is vital for any individual and company to survive. User pay system is a fair go.

As for myself, I am happy to buy Movable Type license, shall the website expands further.

Posted by Antony Shen at April 2, 2005 10:45 PM
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Open Source or so called Free Software is NOT free of charge but free as free speech.

Many people I know stop using MT in this reason. And that's what I believe. I'll suggest you reading Mark Pligrim's "Freedom 0" mentioned above.

P.S. I myself bought MT 2.x commercial license (US$ 150). But I won't spend extra money for just bug-fix or so to upgrade to MT 3.x.

Posted by Jedi at April 5, 2005 01:53 PM
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