April 22, 2003

[學校本業] 手語主播/eSIGN projectAlt-E

Schee 提到了「虛擬手語主播」,所以我剛剛花了一點時間,讀了一下文中提到的簡報檔……

Schee reported the eSIGN project from Institute of German Sign Language and Communication of The Deaf, University of Hamburg. After reading this presentation file of eSIGN, I have some thought......

[skip Chinese and read English part directly]


  1. 使用手語當作主要溝通方法的人,在歐洲至少佔了千分之一
  2. 手語沒有書寫文字
  3. 聾人族群普遍不習於書寫文字
  4. 要在網路上傳遞影像,會佔掉大量頻寬





In this presentation, the author assumed some idea:

  1. 0.1% of European population use sign language as primary communication
  2. No written form of sign language available
  3. Written language competence of many Deaf people poor
  4. Digital video may cause bandwidth problems

Therefore they want to build a Virtual Signing client which can transform plain text into signing video. Then they can easily distribute informations to Deaf people without additional education/bandwidth cost.

According to different culture background, we can't just apply this tactic in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, there are Natural Sign Language, Grammatical Sign Language and Social Sign Language. All these sign language are not the same. Otherwise, there is no scholar study in Natural Sign Language. Grammatical Sign Language established by Ministry of Education is more similar with written Chinese, so it will cost the same to educate as written Chinese. There is also another problem that computer usage in Taiwan is not so popular.

So it is more important to offer more clear content, in my humble opinion.

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Hello! 我是中山資管的學生, 在校內是手語社, 對此方面的東西頗有興趣. 其實之前想過以傳遞所使用的手型與位址, 搭配時間點的方式, 來控制已經模組化過的Flash動畫打出手語, 或許這也會是一種解決方案吧 :)
只是來留個言 :)

Posted by Bob Chao at May 7, 2003 04:36 PM
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